How To Say Thank You To Your Wedding Party

This time of year is about being grateful and giving thanks. But as we all know, giving thanks is more than just a holiday.

Being grateful is something we strive to do daily.

Because no matter what, there’s always something to be thankful for.

And what we’re most thankful for, are the people in our lives.

The people who you love and who love you.

So when it comes to your wedding, those same people are the ones you want to thank.

We talked recently about showing appreciation for your guests. Because your wedding guests matter and are important to you.

But, there’s a inner circle within that and that’s your wedding party.

These are the people you’re closest to, whether that’s a friend or family member. The people who know you intimately, who have seen you at your best and your worst.

So, saying thank you to your wedding party is important.

Not just because they’re important people. But also because they’re helping you with your wedding.

Now there are lots of ways you can say thank you to your wedding party and show your gratitude. But, here are a few that I think are particularly appreciated.


Wedding party and couple in a group hug enjoying a happy moment on the wedding day by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planners
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#1 – Say it from the heart

The most simple and straight forward way to say thank you, is just to say it.

It doesn’t have to be done with finesse or fancy words.

It’s simply an expression of your gratitude with the words that make sense for you.

While it can seem small, hearing those words of thanks means a lot to the recipient.

Just think about when someone has thanked you in a real heartfelt way.

Not the automatic thank you that’s almost a reflex reaction. But one with real emotion behind it.

It’s meaningful and you both feel it.

#2 – Give a thoughtful gift

A tried and true way to say thank you is with a gift. And it works wonderfully because it’s a physical representation of your gratitude.

Now any gift can say thank you, but the best gift is something picked out especially for the recipient.

Something that shows you took the time to pick something you thought they’d really enjoy and appreciate.

And that means something individualized.

Most wedding party gifts are thought of as a group. Everyone gets a robe or a jewelry or a flask.

But those gifts, while easy and insta-worthy, aren’t necessarily very meaningful to the recipient.

So, go for individual gifts instead. Something tailored to each person.

It will mean so much more to them.

And honestly, it will be much more useful too.

Wedding party at a fall wedding in Sonoma by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy
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#3 – Cover the costs

Saying thank you to your wedding party and showing your gratitude doesn’t always have to be something you give. It can be something you take away.

Because being in a wedding party can be expensive.

There are a lot of costs associated with saying yes.

And while your wedding party loves you, spending a ton of money on things they don’t really want isn’t all that fun. For anyone.

So, one way you can show your appreciation for your wedding party is by reducing those costs.

You can pay for the wedding attire and hair and makeup. You can be considerate about your bachelor/bachelorette wants and not do the weekend getaway or cover your own costs or the trip. And if you’re having a destination wedding, you can cover some or all of the travel costs for your wedding party.

It’s not a gift in the traditional sense, but you’re making it easier on your wedding party and their wallet.

And that’s a nice way of saying thank you for being a part of my wedding.

You’re also saying, I don’t want you to go broke for my choices. And not only is that considerate, but it will be very much appreciated.

#4 – Surprise delights

Surprises are not necessarily everyone’s favorite thing. But, being on the receiving end of an out of the blue thoughtful act or item, is fun for anyone.

When someone does something nice for you specifically, that always makes you feel special.

So thank your wedding party with a delightful surprise.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or over the top.

It could be cooking them their favorite meal. Taking them out on a surprise night out. Having their favorite dessert delivered to them at work. Or doing something you know they love that isn’t something you particularly do.

The list is endless, but you know your wedding party. Choose something that will delight them.

But make sure you cater these to each individual person.

That way the thoughtful surprise will really mean something to them.

And bonus, it gives you a chance to potentially spend some quality time with them too.

Saying thank you to your wedding party is important. Whether you choose one way or many ways (my personal favorite) to show your thanks, do what makes sense for you and for your wedding party.

And not just your wedding party as a whole, but each individual person.

Because you want them to really feel the emotion and heartfelt gratitude you have for them.

And don’t just wait to thank your wedding party at end of the wedding. Thank them at the beginning and through out the planning process.

It will make them happy and entire experience that much happier as well.

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