Wedding Wednesday Q&A: How To Pick Wedding Colors

Wedding Wednesday Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events and creator of Passport to Joy online step by step wedding planning course for couples

Q: People keep asking me what my wedding colors are, but it’s so hard to pick just a couple of colors. I like a lot of colors! So how do I narrow it down? And do I have to pick just two?

I love this question because it’s such a common one. Or perhaps the better way to say it is that it’s a common misconception.

Wedding colors are not common misconception, but the idea that you need to pick just a couple, is.

Because your wedding is NOT a prom.

This isn’t about picking silver and purple or gold and black or blue and green. It’s not about picking a theme.

Your wedding colors are just one part of your design. And the design is both the look and the feel.

Your wedding design is a combination of your personalities, what you care about and the feeling of the event.

And your wedding colors help to evoke that and bring that to the visual side of things.

So, which colors you choose go beyond picking 2 colors. It’s about picking colors that feel good and represent who you are and your relationship.

And that could be 2 colors, but it could also be 5 or 10.

When I design for couples, I use way more than 2 colors because to create something more complex and emotional, you just need multiple colors.

So, don’t feel like you need to choose just a couple of wedding colors!

Instead chose colors that reflect who the two of you are and the wedding you’re planning.

And if you’re feeling a little stuck, here’s some ideas to help get you started and inspire you.

IDEA #1 – Look at what you own

Take a look at what you surround yourself with and see what inspires you.

That includes your clothes, your home, your car. It could be your furniture, the art on your walls or little belongings you have from travel souvenirs to jewelry.

What you surround yourself with and the colors you choose are things you like and naturally gravitate towards.

This is a easy and great way to start as you’ll be able to pick out ideas from what you see around you.

IDEA #2 – Places you’ve been

Think about the places you’ve been like where you grew up, where you went to college or a recent vacation. Think about the happy places.

Because places are naturally associated with color and feeling.

So, locations that have meaning for you can help inspire your wedding colors and the feelings you want to have at your wedding.

They can also inspire more than just color, but style and details as well.

IDEA #3 – Favorites

And let’s not forget about your favorites! Everyone has a favorite color or colors.

What’s yours? What’s your partner’s?

Favorite colors exist because we not only like them visually, but they make us feel a certain way.

Incorporating your favorite colors into your wedding design is just a natural and easy way to make it happy.

Remember don’t feel tied to picking just a couple of colors. Do a little brainstorming and create your wedding colors based on who you are, your relationship and the wedding you want to create.

When you do that you’ll end up with colors that are not only lovely, but meaningful as well.

And of course don’t forget that we can help! We guide you through the entire wedding design process in Passport to Joy.

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