How Your Eco-Friendly Wedding Can Also Be Budget Friendly

As we experience the effects of climate change both in our backyards and all across the world, it’s become more important than ever to make eco-friendly choices.

Not just in your everyday life, but in your wedding too.

Because weddings can be really wasteful.

It’s sad, but true.

Because it’s a one day affair, many things that go into a wedding are also only meant for one day. And if you multiply that by all the weddings all over the world, that’s a lot of stuff that only exists for one day.

Granted it is one VERY special day.

But you can still have a special day that’s also eco-friendly.

And guess what? Eco-friendly can also be budget friendly!

Which means when you go green for your wedding, you’re also saving some dough as well.

And that’s just a win all around!

So, here are 5 eco-friendly wedding ideas you can use that will also help you save money.



Wedding website electronic communication eco-friendly and budget friendly idea from Passport to Joy online wedding planners

One way to have a green wedding is by going electronic.

Take a moment and think about all the stationery items for a wedding. There are save the dates, wedding invites, RSVPs, and also things like welcome notes, menus and signs.

And all these stationery pieces are not only paper (usually), but many also have to get transported through the mail.

And all of them end up in the trash.

So when you go electronic for some or all of your wedding stationery, it’s better for the environment.

Having less paper means less stuff and that means less waste.

And even if you don’t go completely electronic, every bit helps.

Having just an electronic RSVP and putting all the info on your wedding website instead of printing it will already make a difference. But, every item you send electronically will add up, in a good way!

And let’s not forget the other benefits of going electronic.

It’s easier, faster and less expensive.

Because every time you choose electronic, you’re also saving money. Because less paper and less stuff also means less money.


Bride holding wedding centerpiece with a blue vase and yellow flowers at a Hawaii wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planners
(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

When you think about a wedding, you usually think new.

New everything.

From wedding dresses to china to decor.

It’s what’s expected.

But there are so many wonderful things you can get that are of a great quality, just second hand.

And by buying second hand, you’re giving an item another life.

Instead of it being a one time use only thing, it’s getting reused and that’s so much better for the environment. And for your pocket book!

Because buying used is always more cost effective than buying new.

Another bonus of buying used is that it’s usually an older style or model which can be harder to find, thus making it more unique for your wedding.


Now not everything can be bought second hand and not everything can be electronic.

And of course there are cases when you don’t want either.

So, in those instances, choose recycled.

That could mean printing on recycled paper. Or choosing a shoe that’s made from recycled materials. Or it could mean purchasing an item from a company with sustainable eco-friendly practices.

Choosing recycled means you’re making a conscious choice to spend your money on a product or company that is eco-friendly. Which in turn makes your wedding eco-friendly too.

And don’t forget that recycled doesn’t have to be bought!

Choosing recycled could mean borrowing a veil from a friend or using the vases you own for centerpieces. Or it could mean creating a backdrop from traditionally thrown away materials or reusing glass yogurt jars for your votives.


Succulent seating cards and favors at a Half Moon Bay wedding by Destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planning course for couples
(Photo credit: Strotz Photography)

Another way to create an eco-friendly and budget friendly wedding is by selecting items that do double duty.

Choosing items that not only serve one purpose, but two reduces the amount of stuff and in turn, the amount of waste.

For example, if your seating card or place card is also your wedding favor then that one item is doing double duty. Or if your table numbers are also your centerpieces, then those items are doing double duty.

Having items serve multiple purposes not only reduces waste, but reduces your costs. Because you have less stuff.

And you can go one step further and choose items that not only do double duty, but are also not throwaway items.

Like if a wedding sign also serves as decor for the reception AND is something you plan on using in your home after the wedding.

Not only is the item doing double duty, but it also lives on after the wedding.


Locally grown wildflower wedding bouquet for a Yosemite destination wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planners
(Photo credit: Mary Meck Weddings)

Buying local and supporting local businesses is always a good idea.

But it can also be eco-friendly!

Choosing a local caterer who sources their ingredients from farmers in the area reduces transportation costs and the resulting effects. Or going with a local florist and only using flowers grown on their land means they aren’t shipping flowers in, which reduces their carbon footprint.

It also reduces their costs which in turn reduces your costs.

So by keeping it local, you’re reducing the environmental impact of your wedding.

And saving money in the process!

All while getting a better and fresher product as well.

And of course, you’re supporting local business which once again is always a good thing.

That’s a lot of wins!

And we like winning!

So do the world and yourself a favor and create an eco-friendly wedding. You’ll benefit in so many ways.

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