The Most Meaningful Holiday Wedding Idea

The holidays can be a wonderful time to get married. Because it’s a festive, happy time that is all about celebrating with loved ones.

The holidays are also a really meaningful time.

It celebrates the end of the year and the beginning of a new year. And whether you’re religious or have long standing family traditions or you just love this season, there is so much meaning this time of year.

So if you’re having a holiday wedding whether it be during Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years or anytime in between, it should be meaningful.

And while there are many ways to make your wedding meaningful, there is one holiday wedding idea in particular that stands out…

Giving back.

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Because while the holidays are a happy time for many people, for others this is a really hard time. And this year in particular with COVID, there are more people struggling than ever.

But, it’s not just people that need help, it’s our world.

You know that song, “My Grown Up Christmas List”?

It’s all about the wishes that you have not for yourself, but for a world in need. And our world is definitely in need.

I don’t think anyone can say that our world is fine and dandy.

But you can help!

You can make your wedding an instrument for good!

Because it’s already a happy occasion. Why make it even happier by paying your good fortune forward?

Because you are so lucky! You’ve found an amazing person to share your life with who you love and who loves you back.

No matter what your situation is, I’d say that’s pretty lucky.

So, while you can have a holiday wedding like any wedding, instead make it super meaningful and use your holiday wedding to give back.

You’ll bring joy to the world and into your heart as well.

And here are some ideas on how you can do that.

By the way, if you’re not having a holiday wedding you can still use these ideas for a wedding at any time of the year. Because giving back isn’t just reserved for the holidays.


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Presents are great. Everyone enjoys receiving a present!

And when it comes to your wedding, wedding gifts are also intended to help you start your life together.

But, if we’re completely honest with ourselves, we likely don’t need more stuff.

While we might want nicer stuff or that good vacuum cleaner or the big TV, it’s probably not necessary. And while it would be nice to have some extra funds to put towards buying a house, going on a honeymoon or just living your life, that may not be necessary either.

So, let’s make your version of a grown up Christmas list! And make your holiday wedding a vehicle for making wishes come true.

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Now, the easiest way to give back with your holiday wedding is by doing a donation registry or charity registry.

You can pre-pick charities and causes that are important to you and have guests donate to those causes in lieu of gifts.

But, you could also bring your guests into the grown up Christmas list idea and have them donate to a charity of their choice in your honor.

This gives them a chance to help the causes they care about.

If you go this route, have guests share with you the charity and why this cause is important to them.

It’s fun and interesting to learn what they care about. And it gives you an opportunity to use this information in your actual wedding as both conversation starters and a way to celebrate all the causes your wedding and your guests helped.

You could also designate a specific charitable action that guests could do in instead of a donation.

For a fun Christmas idea have guests participate in a giving tree. They purchase and wrap a gift for a child in need so that they have something to open on Christmas.

Or you could have guests sign up to volunteer at a local food bank, soup kitchen or non-profit that means something to you.

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If having your guests donate and/or volunteer doesn’t make sense for your wedding or you want to take it one step further, you can make giving back a part of your actual wedding day.

And you can do this with an activity that helps in some shape or form.

It could be a game everyone plays and the winner gets a donation made in their name. It could be crafting a poem or creating a drawing or writing a letter that gets sent to sick kids or a nursing home.

Or it could be something completely grassroots that thanks frontline workers or helps the homeless. Create what makes sense for you, your wedding and what you care about.

Because the holidays are a time of giving and you can use your holiday wedding to give back during this special season.

And there are lots of ways to give back with your wedding.

But as long as you give back in a way that’s meaningful to you, that’s all the matters.

It’s the most meaningful holiday wedding idea that will bring joy to you, your guests and the world.

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