Wedding Wednesday Q&A: Your Wedding Budget For Gifts

Wedding Wednesday Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events and creator of Passport to Joy online step by step wedding planning course for couples

Q: I’m working on my wedding budget and I know there are gifts I need to account for. But, outside of wedding party gifts, who else do I need to get a gift for?

Great question! First of all, I’m so glad you’re thinking about gifts because it’s typically an item couples forget to include in their wedding budget.

But before we dive into the gifts you’ll be planning for, let’s first talk about if you need give gifts.

And the answer is no. Gifts are not a requirement in any shape or form including guests giving wedding gifts to you!

A gift, is a gift. It’s something you want to give whether or not people are expecting it.

So keep that in mind as we’re talking about gifts.

Wedding favors at a modern classic black and pink wedding in Sonoma by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events and creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planning program
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So, here is a list of gifts you’ll want to think about:

  • Wedding party gifts – This includes any kids as well
  • Parent gifts – This is especially nice if they’re paying for the wedding
  • Wife/Husband gift – Something for your soon to be wife or husband
  • Wedding favors for guests
  • Welcome gifts for guests
  • Thank you gifts – For any friends or family who are helping you with your wedding like your officiant Uncle, musician friend or sister who helped you plan your wedding

Now once again none of these gifts are mandatory.

But, I do think that giving a gift to anyone who is helping you is a nice way of saying thank you.

Because you’re thanking them for their time, their effort and their willingness to help you with your wedding.

So that would include anyone helping you with the wedding which would typically also include your wedding party.

Superhero flasks as groomsmen gifts at a fun wedding in Hawaii by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planning course for couples
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Now guest gifts are something many couples think is a requirement. But, it’s really not.

Especially when most wedding favors and guest gifts are things guests don’t actually want.

So, unless you’re giving something that’s both useful and meaningful, don’t do it.

It’s not usually worth your time or money.

Instead, put the money towards something your guests will enjoy like food, booze or music.

The one exception to this is if you’re having a virtual wedding. Since you aren’t physically with your guests, it’s really nice to give them something that brings them into the wedding and makes it interactive.

It’s also still not a requirement, but it really adds to the experience.

Smores wedding favors for a camping outdoor mountain wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy online wedding planners
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So now let’s answer the inevitable next question, how much should you spend?

Because of course you have a wedding budget that you’re trying to stick to.

So, there is no right or wrong answer here.

There isn’t a required amount or a “should” amount you need to spend.

So, the easiest way to think about it is to treat it similarly to a birthday or Christmas present. Because while it’s a thank you gift, it’s still something you want them to like and enjoy.

And it’s more important that it’s something they’ll use and something that expresses your thanks, rather than something that costs a certain amount.

Spending more or spending less isn’t necessarily better.

It’s about the gift itself and what it means to you, the giver and them, the receiver.

Now of course you still have a budget, so give yourself the budget you need to give yourself to start and then work from there.

Gifts are a part of your wedding budget, but it’s hard to know how many you need to account for and how much to account for.

Use these tips and it will help you make the right decisions for you, your budget and your wedding.

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