How To Make Your Voice Heard In Your Wedding

This year and this election has been like no other. Just like 2020 has been such a different year, this election has been different to say the least.

But, the one great thing that has come out of it is that there has already been record turnout.

There are more people registering and voting than ever before. And that’s great!

Because everyone has a voice and deserves to make a choice for their future.

And if you think about it, your wedding is no different!

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When you vote, you’re making decisions that will affect your life. Sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways. Sometimes in immediate ways and sometimes in long term ways.

And with your wedding, you’re making decisions that affect not only the wedding day, but what comes after, your marriage.

You’re making decisions that will shape your experience and your memories. And don’t forget you’re making decisions that affect your budget too.

Your voice, just like your vote counts.

And let’s be honest, if you’re going to spend time and money on something, don’t you want a say?

The answer is yes, you do!

So why is it that partners don’t plan a wedding together?

Why is it that for most couples, there is one person that the planning falls to?

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Some will say it’s because one person cares more about the wedding than the other. Or it’s because certain people are expected to care more (i.e. women). Or because one person is more vocal than the other.

But, it doesn’t matter the reason.

What matters is that you DO care and that you HAVE a say.

Now you might be thinking, not everyone cares about a wedding. And that’s true.

But, if you don’t care, why have a wedding? You can easily just get married.

If you’ve decided to have a wedding, you care about the wedding.

And if you care about the wedding, then your voice matters.

Because it’s your wedding too!

You and your partner are not the same person. Just like you are also not the same as your parents or your partner’s parents. Or anyone else involved in the planning.

What you think, what you care about, what matters to you needs to be shared and heard.

Whether it’s different or the same as your partner.

Because it’s your wedding. It’s your future. It’s your memories. And it’s your budget.

You have a say.

And if you don’t particularly care about something, that’s ok!

But, saying you don’t care is also giving your say.

It’s like how pointing out something you don’t like is helpful to figure out what you do like.

If you don’t care about something it means that it doesn’t matter to you. And thus, it isn’t something that you think should be focused on.

Which helps guide how you use your wedding budget and where you spend your time.

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So, make your voice heard!

Plan your wedding together.

When you’re the guy or the less vocal one or the less opinionated one, it’s easy to take a backseat. Don’t!

Share your thoughts. Share your opinions. Even if your thought is, “I don’t care”.

And if you’re the one taking the lead, are more vocal or more opinionated, make sure you include your partner.

And listen!

Just because you’re the louder one doesn’t make your voice more important.

Your wedding is a joining of your lives. It’s also something that you’re investing a lot into. Not just for one day, but for the future too.

Be the partners that you are in life in your wedding planning too.

Want to know one of the best ways to make sure you’re planning a wedding together? With the help of a wedding planner!

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