What To Pay Extra Close Attention To When Choosing Wedding Vendors During COVID

Choosing your wedding vendors is always a huge part of wedding planning. Because the wedding vendors you choose can make or break your wedding.

It can be a great experience or a horrible one. And nobody wants a horrible one.

So, choosing your wedding vendors takes time and effort in order to get it right.

But choosing wedding vendors during COVID requires some extra care and attention.

Because well… weddings and wedding planning are a bit different. Because the world we live in is a bit different.

So, how do you choose the right wedding vendors during COVID?

Here are 5 items you’ll want to pay extra close attention to when choosing your wedding vendors during COVID.


#1 – Health and Safety Protocols and Procedures

Perhaps the most important and most obvious item you want to pay attention to is the wedding vendors’ health and safety protocols and procedures.

First, they need to actually have health and safety procedures. Because well, COVID.

If they don’t have procedures, RUN don’t walk away.

But, it’s not enough to just have procedures. You have to know what they are.

You want to hire a wedding vendor that has detailed procedures already in place that protect not only you and your guests, but their team and all the other vendors onsite.

So, ask them to explain what their procedures are. And before you choose someone, make sure you feel completely comfortable with their answer.

Your wedding vendors’ health and safety procedures should protect everyone involved and all those they may come into contact with.

If you’re not sure what you should be listening for, get the help of a wedding planner to walk you through what to expect. As a Passport to Joy member, you can have access to a professional wedding advisor to help you in instances just like this.

But, one good rule of thumb is, if the wedding vendor is asking you lots of questions about the safety precautions you are taking, it means they’re taking safety seriously.

And that means they’ll definitely have a solid plan and procedures in place.

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#2 – Social Media

Social media is usually NOT an area I would suggest you pay close attention to normally when choosing a wedding vendor.

It’s typically most useful to check out their most recent work. Which is helpful, but not crucial.

But, when choosing wedding vendors during COVID, social media can be really helpful.

As most vendors update social media much more often than a website or a blog, you can tell how active or not active a wedding vendor is by looking at their social media.

And active is the important part here.

Because you want to choose a wedding vendor that is active.

There are definitely wedding vendors that are taking a break, a sabbatical or the year off. Or may have even closed their business due to COVID.

And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

But, you don’t want to hire someone who isn’t actively working. Not now.

In addition, by paying attention to their social media you can also tell what’s important to them and what isn’t.

Are they talking about ways to make your wedding safe? What are they saying about the major issues happening right now in world?

What they post, what they say (or what they don’t say) shows you the type of person they are and if their values align with yours. Making intentional decisions to spend your money with businesses that support your values is important, especially now.

#3 – Track Record

These are challenging times. And planning a wedding during these times is harder because there is more that is required of you and of your vendors.

So, you need to choose a wedding vendor that has a track record. A good one.

Someone who can handle all the extra stuff that comes with planning a wedding during COVID. Someone who knows what to do and can adapt.

And that only comes with experience.

While hiring an amateur is a popular way to save money, it’s not a good idea during COVID. This is not a time to hire someone new to weddings or with only a couple of years under their belt.

So, check their reviews and testimonials. And find out how long they’ve been practicing their craft. You can even ask for references and talk to past clients.

And if you’re doing a different kind of wedding or something more alternative, make sure they have experience in that type of wedding as well.

Hiring a seasoned wedding vendor with experience will pay off in your planning and on your wedding day, making everything easier.

And if something comes up or changes, they’ll be able to handle that and help you with it.

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#4 – Contract

Every wedding vendor should have a contract, no matter what. If they don’t it’s typically not a great sign.

But, like the health and safety procedures, they not only need one, but the contents are important as well.

They should have postponement and cancellation policies. They should have health and safety policies. And they should have information about what would happen if they can’t do the wedding due to sickness or otherwise.

While wedding contracts mostly exist to protect the business, they also protect you.

And all of these pieces are important to protecting you and your wedding.

Having these policies also shows you that the wedding vendor has thought about the different scenarios and has a plan in place. It means they’re prepared, organized and thorough.

And a prepared, organized and thorough wedding vendor is what you want to have a smooth wedding and planning experience.

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#5 – Business Insurance

The last item you’re going to want to pay close attention to when choosing wedding vendors during COVID is also the simplest one, business insurance.

And there’s really no mystery or secret around this one.

They just need to have it.

It’s a requirement for any professional wedding vendor, anyone running a legitimate business.

But, with everything going on, even more so, business insurance is crucial.

You want to know that your wedding vendor is covered should something happen.

It also signifies that they are legitimate business. And you definitely want to hire a legitimate business.

Because choosing your wedding vendors is always a big and important task. But, during COVID, it’s even more important that you get it right.

Because you need wedding vendors who will be there for you and make planning easier during these challenging COVID times.

Want to know the best way to make planning easier?

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Because no matter what kind of wedding you’re planning right now, having a professional wedding planner to guide you will make a huge difference in your life.

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