The Unexpected Costs of a Downsized COVID Wedding

Downsizing your wedding is something many couples are doing right now. Because if you want to have your wedding anytime during COVID, it’s important to keep people safe.

One way to help with that is with a smaller guest count.

Because the less people at your wedding, the less risk of infection.

Now, don’t get me wrong there is still risk in having a gathering. Don’t ever forget that!

But, the lower you can keep your guest count (amongst other precautions), the safer it will be.

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Now one of the benefits of having a smaller wedding is that you’ll also be saving money. Because with a downsized guest count, you’ll save on all guest related items.

Which is great, right?!

Your wedding budget could definitely use a break.

But there is a unexpected twist to a downsized wedding during COVID…

All the unexpected COVID related costs.

Because these are costs in addition to normal wedding costs.

So, while you will save money, instead of those savings going into your bank account (or staying in it), they’ll be redirected (at least partially) to something else.

And your tables are a great example.

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Let’s say you downsized your guest count from 150 to 50 people. And let’s say you had tables of 10. So, instead of 15 tables, you now only need 5.

This is where your savings from a downsized wedding comes into play.

But, with COVID, you’ll need smaller tables so that only households sit together. So, instead of 5 large tables, you may need 20 smaller tables.

So those savings you gained are now being redirected towards a COVID adjustment.

While you definitely will save on chairs, tables may end up being about the same or costing you more.

Do you see what I mean?

Here’s another example…

You will be saving on your drinks and meals, because you’ll have less of them. But, additional items will likely be needed for safety reasons.

Things like clear dividers for the bar, additional space for the kitchen so the chefs can distance, and containers for any pre-packaged items.

And these types of items will add to your costs.

These are just a few examples, but there are many more.

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While typically with a smaller wedding, there are smaller costs… With a COVID wedding, that’s not always the case.

You will likely save some money, but not as much as you would imagine.

Now, don’t be discouraged! Getting married now is still a good idea (as long as you can do it safely).

Just know that with your downsized wedding, there will be additional costs for COVID.

Now I think it’s important to mention that this only applies to a full in person wedding.

If you’re having a virtual wedding, a hybrid wedding, an elopement or some alternative wedding where only a small portion is being held in person (or not at all), then your costs will go down.

However, if you are having your full wedding in person, then additional COVID costs will apply.

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So, if you’re in the process of making a decision on how you want to proceed with your wedding, take this into account.

Your budget is obviously a big part of your wedding and if saving money is most important right now, don’t just downsize your wedding. Instead, choose another format that will reduce your costs instead of just redistributing them.

But, remember above all, be safe!

Make sure you not only abide by all the rules dictated by your state and country, but what you feel comfortable with.

Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

And if you’re looking for guidance during this difficult time, we can help!

As a Passport to Joy member you’ll have access to a personal wedding advisor and one on one planning sessions. So you can get answers to all your questions!

Sign up today and get all your questions answered by tomorrow. It’s easy peasy!

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