Wedding Wednesday Q&A: What If You Have To Postpone Your Wedding Again?

Wedding Wednesday Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events and creator of Passport to Joy online step by step wedding planning course for couples

Q: I postponed my spring 2020 wedding to the fall due to COVID. But, now that fall is fast approaching and things don’t seem to be getting much better, it looks like I’ll have to postpone again. I’m thinking about moving it to spring 2021, but what if I have to postpone yet again?!

First of all, I know postponing your wedding is hard. And with COVID it’s immensely frustrating.

I feel your pain and I know the anxious feeling you’re having is not fun.

But, while it feels like the worst thing right now, to have to postpone yet again, you do have options.

Whether you’re postponing for the first time or the fourth time, you have options. And those options are better than you realize.

So, chin up! We’ll get you through this!

First let’s talk about your current postponement. If you want less of a chance of having to postpone your wedding again, I would choose a date in fall or winter of 2021 or later.

While obviously not 100% guaranteed, the later you choose your date, the higher probability that there will be a vaccine or treatment.

However, if you don’t want to wait that long, choose the farthest date out that you feel comfortable.

Now if that date you choose ends up being not far enough out, you have some options!


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Option #1 – Postpone

Your first option is well… to postpone your wedding again.

Now I know, this is what you’re dreading. But, most venues and vendors are being really flexible and accommodating given the circumstances.

And postponing multiple times is not unheard of.

In fact, it’s becoming commonplace since some couples are already on postponement number 3.

Everybody understands what is happening and thus adjusting shouldn’t be too much of an issue (if at all).

Yes, postponing does involve some work. Not to mention the planning adjustments you need to make after.

And I know you’re grimacing thinking about it, but you can do it!

It’s not impossible. Especially with the help from your Passport to Joy wedding advisor. And just think, the more times you do it, the easier it will get!

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Option #2 – Have your wedding

Your second option is you can have your wedding!

Given COVID, you will need to make adjustments likely to the guest size and definitely to how the wedding operates, but you can still have your wedding.

It can be a social distanced wedding, a micro wedding, an elopement, a virtual wedding, or a hybrid wedding. There are lots of options!

But no matter what you choose, it can still be fun.

And while I know it may not be what you originally wanted, it can be just as interactive and a memorable experience for everyone.

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Option #3 – Do Both!

Now your third option is really a combination of one and two.

You can get married on the day you planned whether that’s the new date you’re picking next year, or the date you currently have now.

Yes, it will be a different kind of wedding. But as we said before, it can still be fun!

And then you can postpone your original wedding to a later date.

You could consider not picking a future date at all and waiting to see how things unfold. Or you can pick a date and adjust as needed.

This option allows you to have your cake and eat it too!

You can get married now and also have the big shindig you had planned later. Which is really pretty awesome if you think about it.

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But, all 3 options are good.

There is no bad choice, which is the great news! It’s just a matter of what makes sense for you and your situation.

And being able to talk that out with someone is so helpful! Which is why it’s a great time to be a Passport to Joy member and have an advisor you can lean on.

And you can get started today! Click here to become a Passport to Joy member.

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