10 Adjustments You Need To Make After Postponing Your Wedding

These past few months have been a whirlwind of postponements. Not just for couples whose weddings were in the last few months, but for any couple with a 2020 wedding.

But, once you’ve postponed and taken a much needed break from wedding planning, what happens now?

Well, you’ll continue planning just as you normally would.

But, you’ll also need to make some adjustments after postponing your wedding.

Because things have changed. You now have a new wedding date and with that comes some adjustments.

But, don’t worry, this will just be a part of your continued planning. And we’ve got a list of 10 items you’ll need to adjust after postponing your wedding to help.


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#1 – Contracts

When you’re postponing your wedding, adjusting your contracts is a crucial part of that process. But, with everything going on that can sometimes take a little while.

You may have gotten a verbal or email confirmation of the new date from your vendor, which is good! But you also need to make sure you get a new contract as well.

If you don’t have these yet, make this a priority before you do anything else.

#2 – Proposals

You’ll also need to get any proposals you have adjusted as well. This could be with a vendor you have already contracted or someone you had just been talking to initially before you postponed.

If it’s a vendor you have already hired, proposal adjustments will likely be different and separate from the contract adjustment as it requires a little more discussion.

For your proposal you’ll need to discuss any adjustments due to a seasonal change. This particularly applies to flowers, food and beverages. But it can also apply to your venue, rentals, hair and makeup, entertainment and transportation.

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#3 – Website

After postponing your wedding, one of the biggest things you’ll need to do is inform your guests. You likely already did so via email. But, don’t forget about your wedding website!

Adjust the not only the date, but the information. If the hotel room block policy changed or you need to give your guests any instructions, make sure that’s on your website.

And as you get farther along in your planning and more adjustments are made, remember to continue to update your website.

#4 – Stationery

Related to your website is your wedding stationery. If you’ve already sent out save the dates or invitations, you’ll either need to resend new ones or do an electronic version.

It doesn’t matter what you choose, but sending out a new version in some shape or form is going to be necessary. For invitations specifically, you’ll send those out in relation to your date (i.e. approximately 2-4 months before your new date).

In addition, if you were working on your other stationery pieces like place cards or escort cards, menus, table numbers, programs, etc…, those will need to be adjusted. While you likely spent some time on these pieces, the good news is that the 2nd time around should be easier since you’ve already picked everything out.

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#5 – Planning To Do List

Since you have a new date, you also need a new planning to do list or timeline. Not only do you now have more time to plan, but you also have to shift some things to be done closer to your wedding day. Like for example, your invitations or day of stationery pieces that we just talked about.

Your planning timeline will look a little different now because of the unexpected additional time you have. That means you can space things out and get things done earlier. Or just take big chunks of time off from planning. Either way, you’ll want to map that out.

You’ll also want to take Coronavirus into account as you rework your planning timeline so you know when your important due dates are and any postponement and/or cancellation windows (in case you need it).

#6 – Wedding Day Schedule

Unless your new wedding date is the exact same date (or very close) to what your original wedding date was, you’ll almost 100% have to adjust your schedule.

Even if you’re in the same season, sunset times will vary not to mention other variables like bugs or weather. You’ll need to tweak the timing in order to accomodate for those changes.

And if your wedding changed to a different day of the week, you’ll need to account for other adjustments like traffic.

And these types of changes will affect the next item…

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#7 – Logistics

Any timing adjustments will usually result in logistic adjustments that also need to be taken care of. This could be anything from the number of shuttles needed to how much set up time you have to where pictures will be taken.

But there are other logistics adjustments you’ll want to think through as well. If your season or day of the week changed, you might need to think about tourists or availability of a restaurant or activity. You may need to adjust when things get delivered or what can be held outside vs. inside.

Unfortunately, there are tons of logistics when it comes to your wedding. You’ll need to think through all of them as it relates to your new date. But, this is when having a wedding planner in your back pocket helps a ton!

#8 – Floorplan

Also related to your schedule and logistics is your floorplan. A season change might affect the space you’re in and thus the layout. Or now that you’ll be getting new RSVPs, the number of people attending might change.

You might also need more or less equipment which can affect the layout. Or if you’re having your wedding during COVID-19, you’ll need much more space and the floorplan can potentially change completely.

Make sure you think through the floorplan and it’s adjustments in conjunction with your schedule and logistics as they will all work together.

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#9 – Attire

If your new wedding date did result in a season change, you may need to rethink your wedding attire. That could be as simple as adding a coverup or as complicated as getting a whole new outfit.

It will really just depend on your situation and what you’re wearing.

Don’t forget about your wedding party (including the kids) and your parents. They may need to make some adjustments to their attire and/or accessories as well.

#10 – Details

Depending on how far along you were with your wedding before you had to postpone, you may have many or very little details figured out. But, it’s important that you adjust any items that you have selected, purchased or put together.

This could be decor items that need to get adjusted because your flowers (or other proposals) also got adjusted. This could be a gift or favor you were going to give your guests that maybe isn’t quite as applicable.

And of course anything that had your original wedding date on it will need to be rethought.

*Bonus Planning Tip* – Unless it’s edible, your guests will not want to keep something with your names and date plastered all over it. Don’t do it! It will just be a waste of money.

Postponing your wedding was a big deal. But, one that you had to make.

But, after postponing your wedding, you’ll also need to make some adjustments to your wedding. Make sure you think through and adjust these 10 items so that your wedding (and your planning) will be in tip top shape.

I know that there is a lot to think about… but we can help! Become a Passport to Joy member today and you’ll get access to not only a proven step by step process, but to a professional wedding planner.

And during these uncertain times, it’s super helpful to have one in your back pocket. Let us be that for you.

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