Can You Still Have Your Wedding Despite the Coronavirus?

Coronavirus, coronavirus, coronavirus. It’s everywhere. And it’s on everyone’s mind.

Events are getting cancelled left and right. But, what does that mean for your wedding? Can you still have your wedding despite the Coronavirus?

Whether you’ve just started planning your wedding or you’ve been planning for months, the idea of giving up on your wedding just hurts.

I know and understand. I’ve been having the same conversations with all of my clients.

You’ve worked so hard and put so much thought into this special day, you don’t want to give up on it. And not to mention, you want to get married!

But the Coronavirus is real, here to stay and is no joke. And I’m sure you’re seeing, hearing and experiencing the fear people have about it.

And you can’t help but wonder if it’s ok for you to still have your wedding.

The short answer?

Yes, it’s ok. Yes, you can still have your wedding despite Coronavirus.

But, the long answer is that while it’s totally ok to still have your wedding, you also have make sure you’ve fully thought it through.

I totally get not wanting to postpone or put off your wedding just because of Coronavirus.

But, you also have to be smart. You have to pay attention to current government and CDC guidelines.

And you need to be fully aware of what moving forward with your wedding could mean.

And what could it mean?

Bridal processional with parents at a wedding ceremony at Chapel of our Lady in San Francisco by destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy, the online wedding planning course for couples
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First, it means more guests declining and more last minute cancellations.

It means out of town guests may not come. And it means older guests may not attend, like grandparents, uncles, and aunts.

Which means that you may not be able to have the people you want to attend, all attend.

You have to be ok with that if you’re moving forward with your wedding. You have to be ok knowing that someone you really want to be there, might not be.

And you need to understand that you cannot control the decisions others will make based on how they feel about the Coronavirus situation.

You just have to be happy with who does attend.

Second, it means you are knowingly gathering a large group of people together.

Now, the definition of a “large gathering” can vary, but I would think of it as any wedding over 50 or more people.

And by choosing to have your wedding, and gathering a large group of people together, means you are taking a risk.

Now remember, it’s still ok to have your wedding (unless of course the government or CDC tells us otherwise).

But, it’s important to acknowledge that you are taking a risk. And simultaneously potentially putting your guests at risk.

Be aware of that and in turn, take some precautions so that you protect your guests as much as possible.

Happy guests dancing at a St. Croix destination wedding in the Caribbean by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy the online wedding planning course for couples
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And lastly, it means that you may have to adjust some of your wedding plans.

With all the unknowns of what will happen in the future with the Coronavirus, we do not know what that will mean for the wedding industry.

But, we’re seeing some of those effects already.

Delayed products from China, quarantines for travel to certain countries, and San Francisco city venues not allowing non-essential events of 50 or more people for a 2 week period.

As time goes on, the effects will grow. And those effects will in turn affect you. Which means you may need to adjust your wedding plans to accomodate them.

That could mean coming up with a plan B for a delayed wedding dress or switching your venue at the last minute. Or postponing or downsizing.

It’s so hard to know what those change in plans could be. But just be aware that there is a possibility that things will be affected by the Coronavirus. And that you’ll need to be flexible to work around it.

You can definitely still have your wedding despite the Coronavirus. But, it’s so important to understand what that means for your wedding and what you’ll have to deal with and work through because of it.

Because if you aren’t ok with what that decision comes with, then continuing with your wedding may not be the right choice.

Make sure you think it through before you proceed. Because let’s be honest, we’re in for a bumpy ride this year. And no one knows what that will entail.

You need to understand that and be ok with it before you continue planning your wedding.

And please know that with the situation constantly changing, you’ll need to pay attention to the advice given by the CDC and government.

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