5 Easy Ways to Create an Awesome Wedding Bar on a Budget

When you’re working on a small wedding budget, every amount counts. And spending more in an area, no matter how small, can add up. And quickly put you over budget.

Similarly, spending less in an area can add up too, and help ease your budget.

So, anywhere you can save, even if it’s just a little bit will help your wedding budget.

One area where you can end up spending a lot of money is on your wedding bar.

Just like your wedding meal, your bar is an important and required part of your wedding.

It’s what gets your party started and makes your guests happy. Because let’s be honest, everyone enjoys a drink!

But if you have a small budget, how do you create an awesome, budget friendly wedding bar?

5 Easy Ways to Create an Awesome Wedding Bar on a Budget

# 1 – BYOB

The biggest (and easiest) way to save money on your wedding bar is by supplying your own booze.

Yes, it does require a bit more work and lifting on your end, but it’s pretty easy. And the cost savings is usually worth it.

Also, you get to pick exactly what you want to serve, making your wedding bar on a budget quite awesome.

The key to this is making to sure you choose a venue and a caterer (or a bartending company) that allows for BYOB.

This is important because if you don’t choose accordingly, this will not be an option for you.

#2 – Reduce the options you serve

Another easy way to save money on your wedding bar is purely by reducing the options you serve.

The less options you have, the less you’ll have to spend.

So, an easy route to go is to do a wine and beer bar. But, this isn’t the only way to save money.

You can not serve champagne. You can have a total of 2 beers and 2 wines and perhaps just a couple types of spirits. Or only have spirits, mixers and garnish for your specialty cocktails.

By reducing the options, you don’t have to buy large quantities of many things. You’re just focused on a few options and buying enough for just those few options.

You can still have great options, just less of them. Which keeps your wedding bar on a budget awesome.

And as a bonus, it simplifies your bar as well, making it easier to handle if you’re BYOB.

#3 – Choose less expensive brands

Big name brands are great, but they also come with a cost. Going with less expensive brands of booze will save you money.

Think about a lesser known winery. Or Trader Joe’s famous 2 buck Chuck. You can still pick nice items, just not pricey ones.

There are always quality wines, beers and spirits that just don’t cost as much. Do a little research or talk to a beverage pro and get some suggestions that way.

Because every bit you save on each bottle will add up! It will save you money, but still keep your wedding bar awesome.

#4 – Go for the sale

I hate a sale! Said no one EVER.

Everyone likes getting things on sale. And if you’re BYOB, you can get your booze on sale as well!

Pay attention to sales and special deals at price clubs, Bevmo and other retailers. These tend to happen around holidays, but also just randomly through out the year.

Or consider joining a wine club to score membership discounts.

Remember every bit you save will add up. And just because you got something on sale doesn’t make it any less awesome.

In fact, it makes it more so!

#5 – Do a self serve bar

One alternative way you can save money on your wedding is by having a self serve bar. This means you do not have a bartender serving drinks.

Instead, guests will serve themselves saving you on labor costs. And you can set this up to be really cute and awesome as well.

But, while this option will save you money (and can be easy to do) there are a few caveats to keep in mind.

First, I only recommend this if you are doing a beer and wine bar and/or have a pre-made cocktail in a dispenser. Any drinks that require people to actually make them is not a good idea with a self serve bar.

Second, while you won’t have a bartender, you’ll still need someone to keep an eye on the bar and replenish it as needed.

Third, without a bartender, you also don’t have anyone monitoring how drunk people are. So, self serve bars only really work with shorter event timeframes.

And lastly, make sure your venue allows for a self serve bar. If they allow for BYOB, they likely allow for a self serve bar, but make sure you confirm that ahead of time.

Finding ways to save money on your wedding is key if you’re working on a small budget. But, you still want it to be awesome!

Use one or more of these easy wedding planning tips to create your awesome wedding bar on a budget.

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