2 Genius Wedding Decision Making Hacks You Need Right Now

There is so much that goes into planning a wedding. So many vendors, details and logistics.

When you get engaged, married couples will share the little tips they found helpful.

Like making sure to have some kleenex on you during the ceremony. Or why doing a first look is so helpful for a schedule. Where you should spend your money or what not to spend your money on.

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But the one thing no one ever talks about are decisions.

Decision making is the biggest task you’ll have to undertake. And it’s one of the hardest things you’ll face when planning your wedding.

First, there are the sheer number of decisions you have to make.

There are A LOT of decisions around a wedding. Everything from big decisions like deciding on your venue to small decisions like who gets a reserved seat at the ceremony.

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There are more decisions you’ll have to make than you ever thought possible in such a short timeframe.

And the weight of all the decisions you have to make can get very heavy (and very tiring), very fast.

But, it’s not just the number of decisions that is hard. It’s the emotional factor that also makes it hard.

Weddings are emotional and so personal. They’re also a one time event. So for many reasons, you want to get it right.

And that pressure makes decisions much harder.

Not to mention your ever-looming wedding budget which you have to stick to.

So, how do you make wedding decisions easier?

While you don’t have the ability to see into the future, you can still make decision making and wedding planning much easier with these two hacks.

2 Wedding Decision Making Hacks
That Make Planning Your Wedding Easier

The reason wedding decisions are so hard is because you spend too much time making them. It’s the hemming and hawing that takes time, emotional and brain power.

It’s the wondering what is best that is killing you.

You need to cut to the chase. And make the RIGHT decisions faster.

Because it’s not just about making faster decisions. You have to make the right ones in order to feel good AND make it easy.

Wedding Decision Making Hack #1

If you’re debating between options like 2 photographers or 3 invitations, ask yourself one simple question – What’s the most you?

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And when I say you, I mean the two of you as a couple.

What is the most you? What feels like you? And what feels good?

You know yourselves. You know what you like and how you are. And you know your style. Even if you can’t put these things into clear words.

So the question is simply this, which option feels the most like you?

Not your parents. Not your friends. And not what you think will be the prettiest or Pinterest or Insta-worthy.

Let all that other crap fade away.

What is most you?

You should be able to make a decision very quickly when you ask it in that frame of mind. Because they can’t all be the best fit.

They may have different pros and cons, but in the end, what is the most you is what you want. Because what is the most you is what you’re going to be the happiest with.

Wedding Decision Making Hack #2

If you’re considering something and it’s a matter of yes or no, ask yourself this simple question – Does this help to create the experience you want?

Once again the you I’m referring to is the two of you.

What kind of an experience are you trying to create? And does this thing/person/event/occurrence help to create that experience or not?

When you get down to the core of your wedding and what’s important, the experience, then all the other fluff disappears.

All the superficial stuff disappears. All the shoulds and nice to haves and “oh, but it’s so pretty” goes away.

That stuff doesn’t matter.

It’s the experience that matters.

And all you’re asking is if this thing helps you to create that experience.

When you frame your decision that way, it’s an easy yes or no. And you can feel good about that yes or no because you’re thinking about it with what’s important in mind.

Wedding planning is hard. And making wedding decisions is hard. It’s just a fact.

But, you can make it easier! Use these two wedding decision making hacks and you’ll cut through all the noise.

You’ll get to what’s important and what matters and what will make you happiest. And then the decision from there is much easier to make.

Are you planning your wedding and feeling overwhelmed? You’re not quite sure what you should be doing or if what you’re doing is right? Does this sound familiar?  

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