5 Ways To Have a Fantastic and Frugal Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is the holiday of love. But, with that love also comes money. Flowers, chocolate, jewelry, fancy dinners and so much more.

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And let’s be honest, many times Valentine’s day can get pretty pricey while also being pretty darn disappointing.

Prices are higher for an ok looking bouquet which means that the really nice one, is really expensive. Restaurants are crowded and only doing a set prix fixe meal at a higher price.

And yet, despite it all, we still pay for it, don’t we? Because we want to celebrate the love!

But, with a wedding to plan and a budget to keep to, splurging on Valentine’s day may not be the smartest use of your money.

Here’s the great news! You can have a fabulous and frugal Valentine’s day without all the crazy costs.

And guess what? These same tips will also help your wedding planning too.

So, won’t you be my frugal Valentine?

5 Ways To Have a Fantastic and Frugal Valentine’s Day

#1 – Stay in

Instead of going out, why not stay in? You can cook your favorite dishes for each other or make them together. Or cook something totally new together. Or go for easy and get take out from your favorite place.

You can romance it up with light candles and even dress up. Or you can keep it simple and enjoy a fire or watch a movie cuddled up on the couch.

Doing something together, but in the comfort of your home saves you money and gives you a more intimate experience.

#2 – Go out somewhere different

If you want to get out of the house, do something a little different. Instead of hitting up a fancy restaurant, make a picnic and drive somewhere to watch the stars.

Or go listen to some live music, check out an art show or head to a museum after dark.

When you do something not traditionally “Valentine’s day” oriented, you won’t face crowds or have to deal with higher prices. And it gives you the chance to do something you’ve been meaning to do or wouldn’t normally do.

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#3 – Celebrate late

If you want to celebrate Valentine’s, but don’t care so much about the actually day, wait! You won’t have to fight for reservations or be forced into a particular menu.

You can also score some good deals on things like chocolate or flowers even.

And if you’re lucky and Valentine’s day falls on a weekday (like it does this year), you can wait for the weekend! That way you have a whole day (or two) to celebrate.

# 4 – Getaway

You don’t typically think of Valentine’s day and think travel. But, why not?

February tends to be off season for traveling to most places, so why not head somewhere? And it doesn’t have to be far or for long.

You can totally book that cheap flight to Europe. Or it could be a short road trip or a weekend getaway at a small seaside B&B.

Or a camping trip for the outdoorsy folks. And the chilly weather makes for some great snuggling opportunities!

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#5 – Say it

One completely free way to do celebrate your love is just by saying it. Think about it, how often to do you tell the person you love that you love them? For some, that may be every day. For others, occasionally.

But, how often do you them what you love about them and how they make you feel? Not very often I bet.

So, share your love for each other! You can say it out loud, write it or even sing it, if that’s more your style. Either way, it feels good to say it. And it feels good to hear it!

It warms your heart in a way that chocolates or jewelry can never do. And it costs you nothing.

P.S. It’s also a great way to work on your vows!

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Spending money on Valentine’s day while planning a wedding is a lot. But, there are so many ways you can enjoy a frugal valentine’s day and celebrate your love without the costs.

And bonus! These are great date ideas and opportunities for you to connect and be together outside of all of the wedding planning. Because it’s important to love on your relationship too, not just the wedding.

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