3 Tips For Better Wedding Communication

We can talk about wedding planning tips all day!  And so many are super duper important.  But, do you know what one of the biggest and most crucial tips is to a successful and happy wedding planning?  Communication.

Having good wedding communication ensures that everyone is on the same page and everyone is clear on what is happening.  So, we’re going to share a few quick tips to help you with your wedding communication.

Wedding Communication Tip #1

As you’re planning your wedding, share information with your vendors.  Even if you feel like it’s too much or you aren’t sure if they even need to know.  Oversharing is better than not sharing or undersharing.

Your wedding vendors need to know what is going on and any changes you’ve made.  A problem that can arise during the planning phase is vendors not having all the information.  This can result in inaccurate quotes or proposals and can cost you extra later.  It can also become a potentially much bigger problem on the wedding day, which no one wants.

San Francisco wedding ceremony at Stern Grove amongst the redwoods planned by Destination wedding planner, Mango Muse Events creator of Passport to Joy

(Photo credit: Jerry Yoon Photographers)

Wedding Communication Tip #2

This tip comes from one of our vendor friends, Melanie from Bright Event Rentals:

“Don’t try to be the middle man between your rental company and your caterer.  Let them talk to each other.  It will make it easier on everyone and help prevent mistakes.”

Communication is not just about you communicating well, but your vendors communicating with each other.  You are building a team and you need and want them to talk to each other.  It will make it so much easier on you because they can figure out much of the needs and logistics.  And it makes it easier on them.  Win-win!

Reception setup with chandeliers and champagne with rentals by Bright Event Rentals

(Photo credit: Bright Event Rentals)

Wedding Communication Tip #3

This tip comes from another of our awesome vendor friends, Liz from Skyla Arts:

“Make sure you talk to your fiancé about what they want and what they envision for the wedding day.  Have that chat and communicate with your partner so that you’re both happy.”

Communication is important all around.  But, I personally think it’s most important to communicate with your partner.  This wedding day is about both of you.  And while one of you may take the reins with the planning, you’re creating a day that reflects what you both want individually and collectively.

It’s important to be open with each other and share your thoughts and feelings.  First, understand what you each envision for the wedding day.  And then come together to come up with your wedding vision so that it reflects you both and makes you both happy.

Couple sharing a moment at their wedding with Hair and Makeup by Skyla Arts and Photo by Delbarr Moradi

(Photo credit: Delbarr Moradi)

To see more of the work of our awesome vendor friends, you can check Bright Event Rentals out here and Skyla Arts here.

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