What is Passport to Joy?

Passport to Joy is a step-by-step online wedding planning program that guides you through the ENTIRE wedding planning process from your engagement to your wedding day, simply and happily.

So, instead of searching the internet for answers on whether your budget is realistic or what you need to know about hiring vendors, or looking at every color combo under the sun, you’ll know…

…Exactly what you need to know

….What you need to be working on and why

…And how to actually plan and design your wedding so that it’s unique and unmistakably you

With the Passport to Joy program, you can plan your wedding with the help and guidance from a pro.

No more fumbling in the dark.  No more achy chest.

No more guessing or overwhelm and way more JOY.

Saving you 300+ hours of research and time spent worrying, stressing or feeling overwhelmed.

Saving you money from costly mistakes and helping you to find ways to work with your budget.

Making planning your wedding on your own easy, simple and joyful.

Like having a wedding planner in your back pocket, Passport to Joy gives you the opportunity to actually enjoy your engagement, the planning process and your wedding day.

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Who is Passport to Joy?

Jamie Chang, owner, mango lover, and destination wedding planning guru

Passport to Joy was created by me, Jamie Chang, the destination wedding planning guru and designer of joy at Mango Muse Events.

Not by a huge wedding site or a wedding blogger, but a real live, flesh and blood wedding planning pro who has been event planning for over a decade and destination wedding planning since 2009.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with dozens of amazing couples helping them to create their unique weddings all over the world.

And my 8+ years of experience planning in different cities and countries, with different types of couples and families, cultures and religions, and both destination weddings and hometown weddings has resulted in the understanding and discovery of what you REALLY need to plan your wedding.

And while I’ve been able to help dozens of couples…

…I want to help you!

Because I truly believe everyone deserves to enjoy the process and have the steps they need to plan their wedding with ease.

Regardless of their wedding budget, type, size or style.

So, I created Passport to Joy to share my proven method and system with you and make planning your wedding simple, easy and most of all joyful.

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Happy bride and groom at a Hawaii destination wedding by wedding planner Mango Muse Events and Passport to Joy

“Being a bride was not an easy job for me, with all of the decisions I had to make constantly, while working and being stressed out. I’m so glad that Jamie was there to help me through the planning process. Jamie’s knowledge and guidance was invaluable to us and truly made our special day a dream come true.”

Kristina & Matt

Why Passport to Joy?

Let’s face it, wedding planning is overwhelming and planning your wedding is hard.

But, here’s the good news…it doesn’t have to be!

If you have the right information and follow the steps in the right order, then planning your wedding becomes so much easier.

Passport to Joy takes you literally step by step through the whole process. Nothing is left out.

With instructional videos, downloadable worksheets, cheatsheets, and templates, and the opportunity to work directly with me, this proven system walks you through every step in the process.

So what does that mean?

If you’re…

  • Scared that there’s something you don’t know or you’ll forget something and things will go horribly wrong? I’ve got you covered. I’ll walk you through ALL, the logistics, details, and items you need to think about for your wedding day.
  • Feeling like you’re just guessing all the time? Our proven system takes all the guesswork out of planning your wedding. You’ll know exactly WHAT to do and HOW to do it.
  • Worried about how you’re going to plan your wedding in another country or another state?  I’ll walk you through how to manage planning your wedding from afar and the EXTRA destination wedding details you’ll need to think about.
  • Concerned about creating a schedule or floorplan? I provide you with the TOOLS and TEMPLATES you need to create one and walk you through exactly how to do it.
  • Not a creative person? Or have too many ideas? I’ll show you how to figure out what makes sense for YOUR wedding and how to focus so that you’re always creating your unique wedding.
  • Not a lawyer and don’t know what should be in a contract? I’ll walk you through the DETAILS of contracts, what to look out for and what should be in there.
  • Feeling lost and have no idea how to look for, hire and work with your vendors? I’ll take you step by step through the process for EACH vendor and make sure you’re thinking about all the pertinent pieces.
  • Wanting to create your unique wedding, not your sister’s or your friend’s? You’re in the right place. I’ll help you to narrow your focus, figure out your VISION, your unique design, and style.

Passport to Joy is the complete wedding planning system to take you from your engagement to your wedding day with joy.

Yes, this is what I’ve been waiting for! How do I sign up?

I’d love to have you as a member and can’t wait to help you!  But, there is one thing that you need to understand first…

And that is that I really care about each and every couple. 

I want to make sure that every Passport to Joy member gets the support and help they need.  So, because of this, enrollment is not open 24/7.

Enrollment is currently closed.  But, the good news is that it does open periodically!

Want in?  Sign up below to get on the waitlist to be notified when enrollment opens and as a bonus, you’ll learn the easy and costly mistake you’re making right now and how to overcome it.

“Thanks to Jamie, our wedding was a huge success! She guided us through the zillions of decisions that needed to be made. Short of eloping, our wedding planning was as painless as possible, and when the time came, it went off perfectly!  Save yourself the time learning about all the things that Jamie already knows. Give yourself the piece of mind that someone is helping you with everything, big and small. It’s a no brainer.”

Cat & Mike

Happy bride and groom Hawaii destination wedding